Week 14: Artist Interview



I loved that this gallery this week featured artists that were graduating this year! It reflected how much they’ve grown and what future potential they might have. It also showed me that a couple of the artists I’ve seen in previous galleries were actually seniors! I saw many pieces of art work that I liked and one of the pieces that I enjoyed was that of Elaine Kwak.

Elaine Kwak’s work was very colorful and depicted a landscape beautifully! When I got to speaking to Kwak I told her how vibrant her painting of the landscape was. She proceeded to tell me that her family has always loved nature and that the landscape that she painted was of a place in Fullerton Hills. She also said she used to many colors to count! Kwak said that she tried to use as many colors as possible. I only wish that landscapes that I saw were as colorful as her painting in person!

Elaine Kwak said her work took about two to three months to make. She also stated that she developed a knack for painting naturally and it became a passion. She mentioned that people who do art are just different from others. In the future, after Elaine Kwak graduates, she will be applying for internships and she hopes that the one she gets is a paying one! She hopes that one of these internships include working at museums or under artists. Kwak told me that if I do anything with my life, I should travel! So I’ll take her advice willingly because I’ve always wanted to travel! It was great meeting Elaine Kwak and I hope she accomplishes everything she wants to after she graduates!


Week 11: Interview with an Artist


I liked this wall, it made the biggest statement and is the very first thing you see.

IMG_0823 IMG_0826

This week I really liked Gabriel Garcia’s work. When I first walked in I saw a huge statement on the wall that said “Don’t be a pussy” and I knew this gallery was going to be controversial! Garcia had many different sayings and photo’s on the wall and they related to one message. That message was that we have a problem with how masculinity is defined in our current culture. I feel like his art states a very strong message that people fail to really pay attention to and it brings to light another side of stereotypes.

Usually people point out the many stereotypes that woman are expected to live up to. The expectations to be pretty, skinny, elegant and classy at all times while maintaining a nurturing, mother like presence. But many of us fail to see the male stereotypes as well. Men are expected to be strong, straight and be capable to protect at all times. What I saw in this art piece was that people must confront these stereotypes of men and change them.

I really liked seeing Garcia’s work. I love controversial art that makes you address problems in society. It’s always the best way to really make people see another side of things without having to say anything because they can interpret what they see in their own way. Garcia’s art really made a bold statement and I he stated that in one of the art pictures that said “Don’t (cry, run, hit) like a girl” pointed out that some sayings about men, are actually demeaning to woman. Overall I enjoyed Garcia’s work and believed it was very insightful. It’s always refreshing to see an artist confront problems in our society!

Week 10: Artist Interview

Dawn Ertl



IMG_0796 IMG_0797

This week, Dawn Ertl came to speak with us in class so I was interested in seeing what she had to show for her art pieces. When I walked in, my first thought was “this looks amazing, but this must have taken forever” and I wasn’t wrong. Ertl said her 2 weaving projects took a year to complete! I was interested in how she used different items to weave as well. From afar, it all looked like she used different sizes of yarn but up close I was suprised to see how many different weavings she used for her work. Ertl said she used 12 weavings and I could see it was a combination of yarn, platic bags, and different sizes of thick fabric.

I really liked the “One Nation Under God” piece that she created. The art had so much thought put into it and it made me appreciate her work. She talked about how the 12 weavings represent the red, white and blue of this country but it has influxs or “bursts” of color throughout the piece. I loved her weaving process and it looked extremely intricate. I also enjoyed how the music represented different stages of love.

I also enjoyed her piece on climate change. When I first saw the layers of the yarn, i thought they looked similar to colors of the rainbow. I thought it was amazing how she took climate data and used it to yarn bomb. She took information that is looked at as complicated and made it into art. Overall I enjoyed Ertl’s pieces. Her work was very colorful and I could see the amount of time and effort she put into her work to make it stand out.

Week 8: Interview with an Artist




This week I interviewed Brian Davis. I loved this weeks set up. When I walked into Gatov West, I didn’t see typical art work on the walls, no paintings or photos, it was all very different from the norm. What I loved about the gallery was that it had an interactive feel to it all. People were able to mess with wooden sticks that were laid out, and we also got the chance to drink fresh made drinks.

Brian had his own table set up in the back of the gallery. It looked like it was straight out of an organic health magazine and it smelled amazing. He was making drinks with all the organics on the table. It didn’t really seem like he was following much of a recipe, but he didn’t really need to because the drinks he were making were actually pretty good.

I loved the entire feel of this gallery. It was different from anything I’ve ever seen in all the galleries before. Not only did it seem more interactive, but the gallery itself had a very home like feel to it as well. I walked in and saw couches and blankets and realized it was supposed to be a relaxed environment. Brian did mention that he spent quite a lot on the blenders, but that it was worth it. All the things he made were from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Overall, I really enjoyed Brian Davis’ display. It was something very different from what I expected and I hope to see more galleries liked it in the future.

Week 6: Interview with an Artist


FullSizeRender (5)



This week I walked into to gatov west and immediately loved the first work I saw. This art was different than anything I’ve seen in all the galleries. She did more than paint; she used a transparent material to create her pieces so it looked like her art was more than a flat painting, it had dimension. I could tell that Marcelletti really took a lot of time in each of her art pieces.

My first impression of Alanna Marcelletti was that she seemed so sweet which reflected her work in a way. I learned that she loves looking at books and illustrations to help inspire her work. For her work, she starts out with an experience that she has had and just lets her subconscious really take over. It takes her a month for each piece and she works on multiples at a time. She believes her bigger canvases can display stories while her small canvases are more intimate and to create the transparent look she uses organza.

Overall I loved all her work, but my favorite was definitely “Reflect”. I loved that I understood it before I asked her about it. You could tell it was about the good and bad because one side looked as if it was dying and it was dark while the other(on the right) looked like it was blooming and light. She said the piece was meant to show that you can’t see the beauty of something without seeing the ugliness of it. I really loved her work and I think it was my favorite thus far. She also said she was pregnant and having a baby girl so congratulations to her!!

Week 4: Interview with an Artist

Makaila Palmers

IMG_0603 (1)
This once is called Tuscany
This one is called Manarola.
My favorite out of all her work. This one is called Venice.

Makaila Palmer’s paintings were based on here experience of traveling abroad one semester. I loved listening to her discuss her paintings. I could tell that this was her passion and she loved creating each of these paintings. I can tell that she was extremely passionate about her experience and it showed through her work.

I loved how she merged two different ideas in her paintings. One was her painting through memory and the other was the actual landscape. She took an idea that I’ve never seen before and executed it well. Out of each of her paintings, Dublin, Ireland is her favorite.

My favorite out of all her paintings that were displayed was Venice, Italy. I loved the purple contrast in the painting. I also liked the transition between the two different landscapes, one being the real thing and the other representing her memory. It looked as if she was painting from a memory that she had at night time. Each of her landscapes make me want to travel abroad even more than i already do. She portrays the beauty that she saw while traveling into her paintings very tastefully.