Week 15: Artist Interview



This week at the galleries there were so many amazing art pieces everywhere. There were more than a couple that I wanted to interview including the work of a Nathan Lewis who had some amazing artwork on boards. Another artist that i thought had some cool work was Elia Murray. What first caught my eye was her cute little dog and cat sculptures! I love that Murray’s animal sculputures were just for fun! A lot of the artists have meaning behind all their art but I rarely hear any of them talking about a piece that really had no deep meaning. She likes animals and she decided to mold it for fun, I love how simple it was!

Elia Murray told us of how her mother was an artist and her dad was an illustrator so she was born into art! She’s the first artist I’ve talked too with both parents being artists which I think is pretty amazing. She started art seriously in High School. That’s when she really learned what she was good at and what she wasn’t. When she got to college, she wanted to actually become an English major but her mother disagreed with it so her she is majoring in Art!

Elia Murray’s pieces mainly were inspired by things she read or things she’s done. Her fish painting came from a poem that she read. The painting of the doctor with the child is from a healthcare article and her circus piece of the thin man holding the big woman is about finding a surface or a balance between a two-dimensional world. This summer Murray wants to start a job where she can earn money selling her art. Later though, she wants to become a character designer. I hope she accomplishes all of her hopes and dreams!


Week 11: Interview with an Artist


I liked this wall, it made the biggest statement and is the very first thing you see.

IMG_0823 IMG_0826

This week I really liked Gabriel Garcia’s work. When I first walked in I saw a huge statement on the wall that said “Don’t be a pussy” and I knew this gallery was going to be controversial! Garcia had many different sayings and photo’s on the wall and they related to one message. That message was that we have a problem with how masculinity is defined in our current culture. I feel like his art states a very strong message that people fail to really pay attention to and it brings to light another side of stereotypes.

Usually people point out the many stereotypes that woman are expected to live up to. The expectations to be pretty, skinny, elegant and classy at all times while maintaining a nurturing, mother like presence. But many of us fail to see the male stereotypes as well. Men are expected to be strong, straight and be capable to protect at all times. What I saw in this art piece was that people must confront these stereotypes of men and change them.

I really liked seeing Garcia’s work. I love controversial art that makes you address problems in society. It’s always the best way to really make people see another side of things without having to say anything because they can interpret what they see in their own way. Garcia’s art really made a bold statement and I he stated that in one of the art pictures that said “Don’t (cry, run, hit) like a girl” pointed out that some sayings about men, are actually demeaning to woman. Overall I enjoyed Garcia’s work and believed it was very insightful. It’s always refreshing to see an artist confront problems in our society!