Week 15: Classmate Interview


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Sonia Gore! I remember I met her on the first day at the galleries and thought she looked extremely familiar. I still haven’t figured out why she looks so familiar yet. Sonia is a second year at CSULB. She chose this school because it was close to her home and lots of people that she was friends with go here. She lives very close to the school, her home being in Lakewood, so she commutes.

We talked about how we were both business majors, although her major is accounting and is much more difficult. I am currently taking accounting and I commend her on having it as her major because it is so confusing to me! Sonia said that she doesn’t like her major but she wants to have a successful future. After she completes her bachelor’s becoming an accounting major, she hopes to get accepted into NYU. She wants to attend law school. She said how she wanted to live in New York because she prefers the cold weather and I realized her and I are opposites. I’m from New York but my family moved to California to get away from the cold weather!

We then started discussing some of our favorite Netflix shows. We both have a love for Orange Is The New Black and Revenge! Sonia says she loves the story line behind OITNB and the same goes with Revenge. There is a lot of action in both shows! She told me how she hates sushi, but I love sushi! I believe she just hasn’t tried all the right flavors! Overall it was nice to get to talk to Sonia. I wish her the best and I hope she gets accepted into NYU and moves to New York like she hopes for!


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