Week 14: Classmate Interview


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Valeria Garcia. First off, I want to say how I adore her name! It is so beautiful in how she pronounces it! Valeria was born and raised in Long Beach so she has lived here her whole life. She attended high school not to far from here at a place called Wilson High. She is a sophomore like me at Long Beach State.

We also are both business majors. Her branch of business is in finance and mine is in marketing. We were talking about some of the core classes we’ve take and we both agreed to have a mutual hate for accounting. I seriously hope to never have to take a class similar to it after the this semester. Valeria told me about how she is married. Her and her husband were high-school sweethearts and they went to prom together. She actually got to attend two proms due to her boyfriend being a year older than her!

Valeria currently works at Hof’s Hut. She loves going to the Laugh Factory for fun. She said it gets awkward sometimes though because some comedians won’t come up with new material so she’ll hear the same comedic act twice. Some of the Netflix shows she watches are Friends, The Blacklist and Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is one of my favorites! We also talked about our mutual love for Fast and Furious 7, she said she almost cried while I did cry! Overall it was great talking to Valeria, she was a very sweet girl!


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