Week 14: Artist Interview



I loved that this gallery this week featured artists that were graduating this year! It reflected how much they’ve grown and what future potential they might have. It also showed me that a couple of the artists I’ve seen in previous galleries were actually seniors! I saw many pieces of art work that I liked and one of the pieces that I enjoyed was that of Elaine Kwak.

Elaine Kwak’s work was very colorful and depicted a landscape beautifully! When I got to speaking to Kwak I told her how vibrant her painting of the landscape was. She proceeded to tell me that her family has always loved nature and that the landscape that she painted was of a place in Fullerton Hills. She also said she used to many colors to count! Kwak said that she tried to use as many colors as possible. I only wish that landscapes that I saw were as colorful as her painting in person!

Elaine Kwak said her work took about two to three months to make. She also stated that she developed a knack for painting naturally and it became a passion. She mentioned that people who do art are just different from others. In the future, after Elaine Kwak graduates, she will be applying for internships and she hopes that the one she gets is a paying one! She hopes that one of these internships include working at museums or under artists. Kwak told me that if I do anything with my life, I should travel! So I’ll take her advice willingly because I’ve always wanted to travel! It was great meeting Elaine Kwak and I hope she accomplishes everything she wants to after she graduates!


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