Week 13: Interview with an Artist

unknown (4)   unknown (3)


This week I really enjoyed Marty Knop’s work with printmaking. We’ve talked about printmaking quite a few times this semester along with 3D printing. This was the first time I’ve seen art like this and I enjoy it. I also love the colors of his work, it’s very vibrant and colorful and the shapes remind me of geometry. It was cool to find out that all the different shapes were created with math equations. He generates art through algorithms and coding.

Knop limits himself for cost and efficiency. Mixing colors waists money so he sticks to solids. A lot of his prints are printed with house paint. With Digital printing, Marty Knop said Sky’s the limit because their is so many different colors to choose from. I can tell that color is an important part of his work, it enhances a lot of the shapes. Knop said he is willing to try all the different spectrum’s of art.

Knop was very inspiring when describing his method of working. He believes art is a do it yourself experience. You should try all kinds of art and not get frustrated if you fail. He also took a lot of math classes in order to be good at his art so I know he works hard to try different processes. Knop’s work was very detailed and I enjoyed it!


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