Week 13: Interview with a Classmate

unknown (1)

This week I interviewed Kylie Louthan. I learned a lot about Kylie in a few short minutes! Kylie is currently a freshman at Long Beach State and she enjoys it here so far. She lives and is from Stanton, California. She has lived there her whole life. She isn’t going to live in the dorms next year, so she will continue to commute.

Kylie is majoring in film editing. She loves to help people film their videos and edit them. Kylie’s job is also congruent to her major! She works at the Westminister movie theatre and has worked there for 3 years. Her boss has talked about promoting her to a supervisor but she declined cause she didn’t want to boss people around. We talked about some movies and TV shows and a few of our favorites involved the movie whiplash and American horror story. The only genre she doesn’t like is western.

Kylie is an only child! She says that her parents are much more strict but she is spoiled so it’s a good trade! She doesn’t know what it would be like to have siblings but she thinks it would be cool. She played tennis for 6 years. Kylie was a lot of fun to talk to and I hope she enjoys her next year’s at CSULB.


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