Week 12: Interview with an Artist


IMG_0882 IMG_0884


I was really excited to know that this week the galleries featured sculpture art. I’m really fascinated by the work people are able to do with their hands to create these intricate and detailed pieces. The work that caught my eye this week was Piet Eppinga. His pieces that signify human life and human interaction show a lot of hard work and thought.

One of the pieces I really liked was the female fertility statue. I love how two people viewed the piece in different ways. One person said that the statue showed how woman are the center of the universe, while another said that the fertility ball in the statue meant that a woman was meant to bear a child. I really liked how Eppinga accepted both of those thoughts and presented them to us.

I also enjoyed the “Father and Son” statue. I liked it because I understood what it was supposed to represent before Eppinga took the time to explain it to me. I could see how the son laid on the father to show the relationship. It was meant to show that sons don’t know affections from the¬†father. Eppinga had many other pieces that were noteworthy due to their in depth meaning. The Christian crystallized piece was very nice as well. I loved how Eppinga mentioned his childhood and wrote about his siblings playing with clay. Who knew that something he did as a kid would train him so well for an art form he practices today? I really enjoyed Eppinga’s work and all the time and effort he put into showing our class which each individual piece meant!


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