Week 12: Interview with a Classmate


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Howard. First thing I noticed about Michelle is that she had great style! I loved her shoes and her floral top, I definitely would wear them both if I could! Michelle is a freshman at Cal State Long Beach. Michelle also grew up in Cerritos and went to Cerritos high school there. She lives at home with her family currently.

Michelle is currently majoring in liberal arts. She wants to be a teacher in the future. The program here is meant for grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Michelle said she would actually prefer teaching older students like those in high school so she is going to figure out how she can switch to older kids. She has three siblings, two sisters and a brother.  Michelle also has a french bulldog chihuahua.

On Michelle’s spare time, she loves to do videos on youtube. Her youtube video’s involve makeup tutorials. I loved her makeup so I could tell she’s pretty good at it. She also loves to watch Netflix. She told me she ran out of shows so she watches a show called Drop Dead Diva. She told me it’s terrible though so I should avoid it! But I’ll probably watch it when I run out of shows as well! Overall it was great talking to Michelle and I haoe she’s enjoyed herself at Long Beach so far.


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