Week 12: Extra Credit Feedback

My favorite 3 activities were the Web Design, Painting and Drawing(Graffiti) and Arts Funding. I loved the Web Design and really took that on as my own. I sat on the computer for a couple hours really trying each layout format with different backgrounds, I loved how personal it was. The graffiti was a lot of fun, it was something I’ve never done before and when I sent a picture of it to my older brother, he actually asked me to create one for him and his girlfriend! I liked Art Funding because you made us look at other people’s business ventures and I hope I have the guts to start one in the future!

My 3 least favorite were remix culture, fiber arts and sculpture. Remix culture was a little bit difficult for me, I felt like I just needed more examples and I would’ve had some more ideas for the project. I didn’t like fiber art because I felt like there was so much more we could do with the yarn, I just didn’t have any ideas on what we could do! Sculpture art was a hard one to do, not because of the actual work for the project but because I live at the dorms with no car. I didn’t have a bucket or a shovel or the plaster so it made it a little more difficult for me to perform the activity that week, which is why I didn’t do it.

Tuesdays in the theater go by really well when you show videos. I love watching them and prefer the videos rolling because it’s something different than lecturing. Activities overall are pretty cool! I enjoyed doing most of them and they didn’t feel like assignments, sometimes they were just fun things to do with friends! I like the idea of a website as well. It keeps the class organized and together!


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