Week 12: Activity- Algorithmic Art

For my algorithmic art, I chose to do a drawing of Mickey’s face. The reason I chose to draw Mickey was because I love drawing cartoon characters and Mickey is a big part of my life. I work at the Disney Store so Disney Characters are a huge part of my job! I love Disneyland and Disney as a whole so why not do something to represent a piece of me! Any level of drawing is okay for trying to sketch Mickey! The steps are easy and his features are very simple.

How to draw Mickey Mouse’s face:

1. Get a sheet of paper and a PENCIL(for mistakes of course)

2. Start out by getting a picture of Mickey to look at if you aren’t so great at drawing by memory

3. Draw the nose and Mickey’s smile


4. Next draw the curved line above Mickey’s nose and draw these eyes on that line

5. Draw the outline of Mickey’s face


6. Draw Mickey’s ears!


7. Go over Mickey drawing for any mistakes and/or exaggerations of the features

8. Outline Mickey and fill in with a black marker


Overall this isn’t my best work of Mickey Mouse, in the past I’ve drawn way better than this I promise! But my point was to prove that drawing a character like Mickey is very simple. It is one of the more simple cartoon characters to draw because the facial features aren’t so intricate. I can draw characters like goofy, spongebob, nemo and many others. Drawing cartoon characters isn’t that hard, it just takes a little bit of practice! So if you just practice matching shapes, you’ll learn how to draw characters well too!


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