Week 10: Classmate Interview

IMG_0530 (1)

This week I interviewed my friend Alayna Grapel. I actually met Alayna a couple semesters ago through a mutual friends birthday party. When we first went to the galleries, we recognized each other and got to talking. Although I’d say me and Alayna are friends now, I really didn’t no much about her except things that come up casually in every day conversation; like how she’s a second year and in a sorority.

When I got to speaking with Alayna, I learned that she was born and raised in Green Valley, Ca. I learned that Alayna was once a dance major who changed her major to liberal studies. She told me that she loved dance, she just didn’t see much of a future with it and she also saw limited job options as well. She changed her major to Liberal studies because she wants to be either and elementary school teacher or a special ed teacher. I also learned that she has one older brother who currently lives in New York.

She loves the outdoors and is a big fan of hiking and going to the beach. She has been out of the country during an 8 hour trip to Canada but she wants to travel a lot more. One of her dreams is to travel all around the world. She also wants a family. We got to talking about how many kids we wanted and she said she wanted two. Overall, it was fun getting to know Alayna on a more personal level. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Alayna this semester and I hope the rest of her time at CSULB is fun!


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