Week 10: Artist Interview

Dawn Ertl



IMG_0796 IMG_0797

This week, Dawn Ertl came to speak with us in class so I was interested in seeing what she had to show for her art pieces. When I walked in, my first thought was “this looks amazing, but this must have taken forever” and I wasn’t wrong. Ertl said her 2 weaving projects took a year to complete! I was interested in how she used different items to weave as well. From afar, it all looked like she used different sizes of yarn but up close I was suprised to see how many different weavings she used for her work. Ertl said she used 12 weavings and I could see it was a combination of yarn, platic bags, and different sizes of thick fabric.

I really liked the “One Nation Under God” piece that she created. The art had so much thought put into it and it made me appreciate her work. She talked about how the 12 weavings represent the red, white and blue of this country but it has influxs or “bursts” of color throughout the piece. I loved her weaving process and it looked extremely intricate. I also enjoyed how the music represented different stages of love.

I also enjoyed her piece on climate change. When I first saw the layers of the yarn, i thought they looked similar to colors of the rainbow. I thought it was amazing how she took climate data and used it to yarn bomb. She took information that is looked at as complicated and made it into art. Overall I enjoyed Ertl’s pieces. Her work was very colorful and I could see the amount of time and effort she put into her work to make it stand out.


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