Week 9: Artist Interview




This week I looked at a lot of pictures from Ralph Acosta. When I first saw the pictures and how they were displayed, I loved the colors, it seemed like something someone would place in a modern style house for decoration. When I found out what all the pictures of the houses were for, I was touched. I know what it is like to have a troubling family life and how it’s like to have to move multiple times to different houses. I didn’t move as much as Acosta did but I’ve moved a total of 5 times to different places.

Ralph discusses how he had a rough past in his childhood. He was able to get through this turmoil with his siblings by his side. Acosta, his cousin and his older brothers found comfort in the Ambassador hotel that was not to far from his houses in the Wilshire District. It’s great that he found a place of comfort while going through a hard time with his family and even better that he had his siblings by his side. It was sad to hear about how the Ambassador is no longer there. It’s heartbreaking to have a place you believe is a second home to just disappear.

Acosta’s art did look like postcards when I first saw them so it was interesting to see that he made some of the pictures into gigantic postcards. I actually wanted one when I first saw them. I thought that was an interesting idea and I wanted one of my own! Even though it was meant to represent the massive issues his family was experiencing, it was a great metaphor. I could tell that the experiences shaped Ralph to who he is today. But his work just goes to show that our experiences shape who we are and whether good or bad, they influence how we see the world today. Overall I really enjoyed Ralph Acosta’s work! I love how he took his dark past and turned into art.


3 thoughts on “Week 9: Artist Interview

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