Week 9: Activity- Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Map:

IMG_0761 IMG_0763

Adopt a Building:

FullSizeRender (7)

The building I chose to adopt was the rec because of how often I go. I love the rec and thought we had one of the best ones out of all the schools I visited before applying. I asked a couple of people how they liked the rec, some of them love it but some wish that it could be expanded due to the amount of students that go during weekdays. I learned that the Rec Center is also one of the newest buildings on campus. It was voted by about 70% of the student population. If it wasn’t for the past students, I wouldn’t be working out because I’d have to pay for a gym membership. I also learned that over a million people have been recording using the rec center. I love the Rec and now I appreciate it a little more than I already did.

CSULB Building Redesign:


I think we need a couple more parking structures on campus. We have tons of students and the amount of applicants the school is accepting is getting bigger every year. Not only do students struggle to find parking, but when you do, it’s no where near your actual classes! I think that’s nuts. Next year when I move off, I know it’s going to be ridiculous to find parking so I’ll have to get here an hour early just to get a good space. If we added structures in the places where I put them, students will be closer to campus and be able to park near the library as well.


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