Week 9: Classmate Interview


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jasmine Brito. Jasmine came up to me for the interview and had a very sweet manner about her. When I started talking to Jasmine, I learned she is a sophomore at CSULB just like me. When she came here, she was undeclared but not soon after attending she decided she wanted to be a computer engineering major. She told me how it involved coding and how it was so difficult, she would have to spend a lot of time at school to get help from the teachers.

Jasmine ended up switching majors due to the amount of time it required in the classes. She is now a human development major. I still give her props though because both majors she chose are very complicated. She doesn’t live at the dorms so she commutes from Anaheim every day. She still lives with her parents currently. Jasmine has no siblings but she does have a dog named Sophie that she loves very much.

I found out some very exciting news from Jasmine. She’s engaged and has been since September. Jasmine and her boyfriend have been together for 4 years. She told me about the difficulties that she and her boyfriend went through in high school. Jasmine mentioned that now that they are in college, there relationship is much easier because they don’t have all the high school drama anymore. Jasmine said she’s almost done getting ready for the wedding! I really hope her the best with her marriage and her next couple years at CSULB. It was really great talking to her!


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