Week 8: Interview with an Artist




This week I interviewed Brian Davis. I loved this weeks set up. When I walked into Gatov West, I didn’t see typical art work on the walls, no paintings or photos, it was all very different from the norm. What I loved about the gallery was that it had an interactive feel to it all. People were able to mess with wooden sticks that were laid out, and we also got the chance to drink fresh made drinks.

Brian had his own table set up in the back of the gallery. It looked like it was straight out of an organic health magazine and it smelled amazing. He was making drinks with all the organics on the table. It didn’t really seem like he was following much of a recipe, but he didn’t really need to because the drinks he were making were actually pretty good.

I loved the entire feel of this gallery. It was different from anything I’ve ever seen in all the galleries before. Not only did it seem more interactive, but the gallery itself had a very home like feel to it as well. I walked in and saw couches and blankets and realized it was supposed to be a relaxed environment. Brian did mention that he spent quite a lot on the blenders, but that it was worth it. All the things he made were from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Overall, I really enjoyed Brian Davis’ display. It was something very different from what I expected and I hope to see more galleries liked it in the future.


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