Week 8: Activity- Remix Culture

IMG_0736 IMG_0735 FullSizeRender (6) IMG_0383IMG_0403

I believe there is a lot of fear about the new internet culture, but that fear is understood. The internet is a a very dangerous place but it is easily manageable by just shutting off the computer and staying away. I also believe that the internet is a pretty amazing thing. People are able to get things and say things in a more widespread and public forum. Without the internet, I don’t believe a lot of people would be as famous as they are today or even have a large impact in society.

I believe that copyright is good as is and should be left alone. People have had issues with copyright but I believe that it is capable of restricting most people from using something without the permission. I would use the Attribution CC BY copyright because I would want people to be able to access to my work and use it how they would want to. I believe that would give me more exposure in my work and give more freedom to the people who like it.

For this weeks activity I decided to remix a couple pictures with a beach photo i took in Huntington. I chose two photos, I got the drawing from a tumblr page and the photo of the girl in mid air is actually one of my close friends. I originally wanted to do a song mashup but it was so difficult! I’m not good with computer technology and I couldn’t figure out how to seperate the singing from the song. I did learn how to use photoshop though, so I merged both photos into the sunset. I liked this activity and thought the new pictures turned out pretty cool.


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