Week 7: Interview with an artist


The goodbyes to all the soldiers
The goodbyes to all the soldiers

This week I saw some amazing art in the form of photography. When i walked into the gallery, I wasn’t sure what her pictures were depicting exactly because half of the pictures were missing. All i could say was that the pictures looked cool because the silhouettes were cut out. Then, as I got to the photos on the back wall, I realized that these were photos of soldiers!

Once i realized what her work was displaying I loved it. I’m not afraid to admit that I cried at all the videos of people in the army leaving their families in order to help our country. You can feel the emotion in each picture and I love how every photo represents the impact of each person being absent from their families. Juliette has spent the past 2 years photographing her sister so these images are all very personal to her. Her favorite versions of her art work are the photos that have frames that aren’t completed due to them being cutoff.

Many of the photos she takes are more intimate due to them being so personal to her. Her sister was deployed in November and some of her photos are more intimate, it’s just her and her family. Juliette’s sister lives on a base in El Paso and she has explained how hard it is for her and her family to live without her being around. I know it must be hard for all the families who have to go through that. I could see the pain through the photos, especially through the goodbyes pictures. It’s like each person left an impact on each of the people’s lives, they may be absent, but they aren’t forgotten. Juliette’s art was definitely the most emotionally moving photos this semester but I loved it!


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