Week 7: Interview with a Classmate


This class period I had my interview with Lahya Woodruff. I actually had met Lahya in a previous class period but we hadn’t done our interviews together, so I’d figure I would get to know her a little more by interviewing each other this week. Lahya was born in Detroit, Michigan but spent most of her life living in California. Lahya is currently a second year at CSULB. So far she is really enjoying CSULB and doesn’t regret coming here.

She also mentioned that this school was her first choice and she loves this school. She is a Pre-Human Development major and wants to become a teacher. She enjoys working at the YMCA with first graders and it makes her want to pursue the profession of being a teacher even more. On her spare time, she loves to workout, eat good food and doing anything outdoors.

Lahya also wants to do a lot of traveling in the future to explore the rest of the world. Lahya also loves animals and cares for them. Her favorite animal is a dolphin. She loves to eat good food but her favorite food of all is hot wings. Lahya chose CSULB over all the other schools because it is a good Cal State and is pretty local to her. It was nice meeting Lahya and i wish her the best at the rest of her years at CSULB.


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