Week 7: Activity – Portrait Photography


This week I thought about this activity a little more than i do with the others. I hate thinking about death. I can’t stand going to funerals and I avoid them at all costs. Although I hate thinking about death, I am not afraid to die. I knew this weeks activity was gonna be taken on a more serious route for some people but I wanted to keep it light.

For my portrait, I had my friend take a photo of me after eating some pizza. I love food and ultimately I wouldn’t mind going out that way….definitely kidding, but I didn’t want to make this a serious activity. We have our whole lives ahead of us and I don’t want to really think about how I’m possibly going to die.

No, I don’t want to actually die from a food coma lol, but I do want to go out enjoying my last few minutes of life. When I die, I want to go out in a way where I enjoyed my last few breaths. Whether it was at a party, a theme park or doing something on my bucket list like sky diving, I want it to be a cool way to go out. I feel like our last moments on earth should be spent around people we love and although not everyone gets that opportunity, I would be lucky to experience my death in that way.



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