Week 6: Interview with an Artist


FullSizeRender (5)



This week I walked into to gatov west and immediately loved the first work I saw. This art was different than anything I’ve seen in all the galleries. She did more than paint; she used a transparent material to create her pieces so it looked like her art was more than a flat painting, it had dimension. I could tell that Marcelletti really took a lot of time in each of her art pieces.

My first impression of Alanna Marcelletti was that she seemed so sweet which reflected her work in a way. I learned that she loves looking at books and illustrations to help inspire her work. For her work, she starts out with an experience that she has had and just lets her subconscious really take over. It takes her a month for each piece and she works on multiples at a time. She believes her bigger canvases can display stories while her small canvases are more intimate and to create the transparent look she uses organza.

Overall I loved all her work, but my favorite was definitely “Reflect”. I loved that I understood it before I asked her about it. You could tell it was about the good and bad because one side looked as if it was dying and it was dark while the other(on the right) looked like it was blooming and light. She said the piece was meant to show that you can’t see the beauty of something without seeing the ugliness of it. I really loved her work and I think it was my favorite thus far. She also said she was pregnant and having a baby girl so congratulations to her!!


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