Week 6: Interview with a Classmate


For this weeks interview, I met up with Matt Do at the gallery. Matt and I aren’t complete strangers as we Had a class together last semester. The class was psychology with Dr. Pentz and we both really enjoyed the class as it wasn’t boring and we actually learned a couple things. He ended up with a B but it was very close to an A.

He is currently a sophomore and he is a nutrition major. He wants to be a fire paramedic. He said that he wants a back up plan in case becoming a fire paramedic doesn’t work out. Apparently the program is really hard to get into with like 200 people getting into it out of 2,000. His friends went straight into the program, but he hopes that with his extra experience, he might stand out more than the others.

He lives in Huntington Beach and was born in California. He has a younger brother and an older sister. He is the typical beach boy. He loves to go surfing in his spare time. Matt also works at the beach as a lifeguard. He saves about 100 people a day. He also told me that one day he saved about 400 people!
Overall Matt is a cool guy and I hope he gets into the paramedic program.


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