Week 6: Activity- Yarn Bombing



I really like this fiber sculpture i found in FA2! For my yarn bombing activity, I wrapped a couple pieces of yarn around my chair. I chose to use the colors that i did because it matches the color palette of my room. Yarn bombing my chair did actually make it look better. It added a little uniqueness to my boring dorm room chair. After watching my friend crochet, I just know that I would never have the patience for it. Her hands moved so fast and I know it took a long time for her to get good at that but I could never take the time to learn how to do it.

Watching some of the videos of people yarn bombing, I give them major props. It is one thing to have to knit something(which is difficult and time consuming on its own), but its another to have to make a creation on something else. The woman on the subway who yarn bombed was pretty amazing. From what I’ve seen, yarn bombing brightens up some of the boring things in life. The subway was a great place for her to practice her art.


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