Week 5: Interview with an Artist




When I walked into the gallery, the first thing i noticed was how Dianna had one bright color that stood out in each of her pieces. I wasn’t really sure what she was trying to portray in her art but i knew it caught my eye. Each of the pieces looked as if the colors rolled into each other. When i read her statement, I learned that her art was based on the flow of energy and i understood her paintings.

When I went to go talk to Dianna about her art, she said that she’s loved art since she was young. She was always drawing when she was little but didn’t decide to take it seriously until she was 20. At the age of 20 she took a couple of art classes and learned about painting.

Dianna said that she learned a lot about her painting and what she wants to do with it based on looking at outer space videos and looking at how the brain is anaylzed. The reason she uses so many bright colors in her work because they make her happy. Overall I liked learning about Dianna’s work and her as a person. She had a really great vibe and seemed like she really had a passion about art. She seems like a woman who is trying to grow through her art and learn more about the craft.


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