Week 5: Activity- Kickstarter


The first video category I chose was food! Because who doesn’t love food? I loved this project, when I saw the title “green pea cookie” I was disgusted but fascinated. I figured it was probably a healthy alternative to the original chocolate chip cookie so i gave it another look.

The video for this product was hilarious. They chose the “riding dirty” theme song and changed it to “Trying to eat my green pea cookie”. I love that they took the idea and made it playful. If I had a few extra dollars to spare, I would definitely fund this project! Seems like a great idea ran by great people. I would love to try the cookies when the storeĀ opens.

The problem with this food video is that it was lacking in so many areas. First, I’d like to point out that the idea of traveling beverages, isn’t terrible. If the product is good, then finding customers to wait for the truck to come around should be no problem.

The issue was the way the video was presented. It didn’t seem professional and I wouldn’t give my money to this woman. She moved the camera to much, all she did was talk and she didn’t even show the product or pictures of what her ideas would look like.


I chose fashion because I love clothing. I loved his idea. Norm is a guy who is a graphic designer who’s in college and has decided to use his financial aid to help pay for his designs. I love that I can relate to him being a college student but more importantly, his video was business like without being too intense.

I could definitely tell he was serious about his work and I did like some of his designs. He also seemed like he could be trusted. I know that the money he earns will be put towards his company and not alchohol, food or some other college expense. His video looked like some thought was put into it. I enjoyed his video and if I saw his tees in person, i might buy one!

I did not like this video at all. Compared to the previous one that I described, I believe there wasn’t mch work put into the video at all. All the video contains is flashing images of their “designs”. There was no talking over the video, no more desriptions and I don’t even get to see a glimpse of who is running the project. I know I have no authority to speak about someone’s designs because I am not a fashion critic or intellectual on fashion, but these designs were not great.

They look as if a 9 year-old drew them in class while doodling. I tried to give them a chance by reading the bio about the project but I did not understand the concept that they were going for. Their video was unprofessional and I would not donate to this kickstarter because I don’t know if I could trust them with my money. They also forgot to mention what they would print their products on; t-shirts, backpacks sweatpants, they left out a lot of information in their project.


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