Week 4: Interview with an Artist

Makaila Palmers

IMG_0603 (1)
This once is called Tuscany
This one is called Manarola.
My favorite out of all her work. This one is called Venice.

Makaila Palmer’s paintings were based on here experience of traveling abroad one semester. I loved listening to her discuss her paintings. I could tell that this was her passion and she loved creating each of these paintings. I can tell that she was extremely passionate about her experience and it showed through her work.

I loved how she merged two different ideas in her paintings. One was her painting through memory and the other was the actual landscape. She took an idea that I’ve never seen before and executed it well. Out of each of her paintings, Dublin, Ireland is her favorite.

My favorite out of all her paintings that were displayed was Venice, Italy. I loved the purple contrast in the painting. I also liked the transition between the two different landscapes, one being the real thing and the other representing her memory. It looked as if she was painting from a memory that she had at night time. Each of her landscapes make me want to travel abroad even more than i already do. She portrays the beauty that she saw while traveling into her paintings very tastefully.


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