Week 4: Interview with a Classmate


For this week I interviewed Jerrell Howell. Jerrell is a friend of my friend Oumar, who is also in this class. He is a second year at Cal State Long beach and is currently a health care Administration major. Jerrell told me he choose health care Administration because he wants to help people in the future. He was born in Upland, California and lived in La. He only lived in LA for a short period of time before he moved to Fontana. He then lived in Fontana for 12 years of his life.  Jerell is also pretty good at speaking sign language and he enjoys meeting new people and learn from his different experiences.

He always likes helping people out and he figures why shouldn’t he make a career out of what he loves to do. He plans to go to the Air force after college. He wants to travel the world. Last year jerrell went to the Bahamas with his family and he said after going there he wants to travel the world. He told me by the age 29 he want travel around the world at least once. He wishes to gain a lot of knowledge and learn about different people and cultures while he travels.

Jerrell wants a lot in life, for him and his family. His dream is to own his own workout center for sports. When he gets older, he wants to give back to his community one day. Jerrell is a pretty cool guy. I hope he goes far in life and wish that he accomplishes all of his aspirations.


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