Week 3: Interview with an Artist


Josh Benz’s self portrait. He was going for something different and unique instead of just a plain portrait of himself.

Josh Benz is trying to create more interesting figurative drawing. He wants a lot of his paintings to be funny and imaginative and even though the picture I took of his work is a drawing, you can tell some of those ideas are portrayed through the teddy bears. This drawing he made took about 8 hours while one of his paintings took about 2-3 weeks. Benz is also hoping to switch to expression pieces. Benz’s process requires not having a bad setup, so lighting must stay the same throughout his work. He sometimes black out a room to acquire the perfect setup. He wanted to try animation but it was difficult for him. Overall, I believe Josh Benz’s work is amazing. I love the details off his work, every sketch seems to have importance to the work itself. I also like that he chooses to make things funny and imaginative instead of taking his work so seriously.


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