Week 15: Classmate Interview


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Sonia Gore! I remember I met her on the first day at the galleries and thought she looked extremely familiar. I still haven’t figured out why she looks so familiar yet. Sonia is a second year at CSULB. She chose this school because it was close to her home and lots of people that she was friends with go here. She lives very close to the school, her home being in Lakewood, so she commutes.

We talked about how we were both business majors, although her major is accounting and is much more difficult. I am currently taking accounting and I commend her on having it as her major because it is so confusing to me! Sonia said that she doesn’t like her major but she wants to have a successful future. After she completes her bachelor’s becoming an accounting major, she hopes to get accepted into NYU. She wants to attend law school. She said how she wanted to live in New York because she prefers the cold weather and I realized her and I are opposites. I’m from New York but my family moved to California to get away from the cold weather!

We then started discussing some of our favorite Netflix shows. We both have a love for Orange Is The New Black and Revenge! Sonia says she loves the story line behind OITNB and the same goes with Revenge. There is a lot of action in both shows! She told me how she hates sushi, but I love sushi! I believe she just hasn’t tried all the right flavors! Overall it was nice to get to talk to Sonia. I wish her the best and I hope she gets accepted into NYU and moves to New York like she hopes for!


Week 15: Artist Interview



This week at the galleries there were so many amazing art pieces everywhere. There were more than a couple that I wanted to interview including the work of a Nathan Lewis who had some amazing artwork on boards. Another artist that i thought had some cool work was Elia Murray. What first caught my eye was her cute little dog and cat sculptures! I love that Murray’s animal sculputures were just for fun! A lot of the artists have meaning behind all their art but I rarely hear any of them talking about a piece that really had no deep meaning. She likes animals and she decided to mold it for fun, I love how simple it was!

Elia Murray told us of how her mother was an artist and her dad was an illustrator so she was born into art! She’s the first artist I’ve talked too with both parents being artists which I think is pretty amazing. She started art seriously in High School. That’s when she really learned what she was good at and what she wasn’t. When she got to college, she wanted to actually become an English major but her mother disagreed with it so her she is majoring in Art!

Elia Murray’s pieces mainly were inspired by things she read or things she’s done. Her fish painting came from a poem that she read. The painting of the doctor with the child is from a healthcare article and her circus piece of the thin man holding the big woman is about finding a surface or a balance between a two-dimensional world. This summer Murray wants to start a job where she can earn money selling her art. Later though, she wants to become a character designer. I hope she accomplishes all of her hopes and dreams!

Week 14: Artist Interview



I loved that this gallery this week featured artists that were graduating this year! It reflected how much they’ve grown and what future potential they might have. It also showed me that a couple of the artists I’ve seen in previous galleries were actually seniors! I saw many pieces of art work that I liked and one of the pieces that I enjoyed was that of Elaine Kwak.

Elaine Kwak’s work was very colorful and depicted a landscape beautifully! When I got to speaking to Kwak I told her how vibrant her painting of the landscape was. She proceeded to tell me that her family has always loved nature and that the landscape that she painted was of a place in Fullerton Hills. She also said she used to many colors to count! Kwak said that she tried to use as many colors as possible. I only wish that landscapes that I saw were as colorful as her painting in person!

Elaine Kwak said her work took about two to three months to make. She also stated that she developed a knack for painting naturally and it became a passion. She mentioned that people who do art are just different from others. In the future, after Elaine Kwak graduates, she will be applying for internships and she hopes that the one she gets is a paying one! She hopes that one of these internships include working at museums or under artists. Kwak told me that if I do anything with my life, I should travel! So I’ll take her advice willingly because I’ve always wanted to travel! It was great meeting Elaine Kwak and I hope she accomplishes everything she wants to after she graduates!

Week 14: Classmate Interview


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Valeria Garcia. First off, I want to say how I adore her name! It is so beautiful in how she pronounces it! Valeria was born and raised in Long Beach so she has lived here her whole life. She attended high school not to far from here at a place called Wilson High. She is a sophomore like me at Long Beach State.

We also are both business majors. Her branch of business is in finance and mine is in marketing. We were talking about some of the core classes we’ve take and we both agreed to have a mutual hate for accounting. I seriously hope to never have to take a class similar to it after the this semester. Valeria told me about how she is married. Her and her husband were high-school sweethearts and they went to prom together. She actually got to attend two proms due to her boyfriend being a year older than her!

Valeria currently works at Hof’s Hut. She loves going to the Laugh Factory for fun. She said it gets awkward sometimes though because some comedians won’t come up with new material so she’ll hear the same comedic act twice. Some of the Netflix shows she watches are Friends, The Blacklist and Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is one of my favorites! We also talked about our mutual love for Fast and Furious 7, she said she almost cried while I did cry! Overall it was great talking to Valeria, she was a very sweet girl!

Week 13: Interview with an Artist

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This week I really enjoyed Marty Knop’s work with printmaking. We’ve talked about printmaking quite a few times this semester along with 3D printing. This was the first time I’ve seen art like this and I enjoy it. I also love the colors of his work, it’s very vibrant and colorful and the shapes remind me of geometry. It was cool to find out that all the different shapes were created with math equations. He generates art through algorithms and coding.

Knop limits himself for cost and efficiency. Mixing colors waists money so he sticks to solids. A lot of his prints are printed with house paint. With Digital printing, Marty Knop said Sky’s the limit because their is so many different colors to choose from. I can tell that color is an important part of his work, it enhances a lot of the shapes. Knop said he is willing to try all the different spectrum’s of art.

Knop was very inspiring when describing his method of working. He believes art is a do it yourself experience. You should try all kinds of art and not get frustrated if you fail. He also took a lot of math classes in order to be good at his art so I know he works hard to try different processes. Knop’s work was very detailed and I enjoyed it!

Week 13: Interview with a Classmate

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This week I interviewed Kylie Louthan. I learned a lot about Kylie in a few short minutes! Kylie is currently a freshman at Long Beach State and she enjoys it here so far. She lives and is from Stanton, California. She has lived there her whole life. She isn’t going to live in the dorms next year, so she will continue to commute.

Kylie is majoring in film editing. She loves to help people film their videos and edit them. Kylie’s job is also congruent to her major! She works at the Westminister movie theatre and has worked there for 3 years. Her boss has talked about promoting her to a supervisor but she declined cause she didn’t want to boss people around. We talked about some movies and TV shows and a few of our favorites involved the movie whiplash and American horror story. The only genre she doesn’t like is western.

Kylie is an only child! She says that her parents are much more strict but she is spoiled so it’s a good trade! She doesn’t know what it would be like to have siblings but she thinks it would be cool. She played tennis for 6 years. Kylie was a lot of fun to talk to and I hope she enjoys her next year’s at CSULB.

Week 12: Extra Credit Feedback

My favorite 3 activities were the Web Design, Painting and Drawing(Graffiti) and Arts Funding. I loved the Web Design and really took that on as my own. I sat on the computer for a couple hours really trying each layout format with different backgrounds, I loved how personal it was. The graffiti was a lot of fun, it was something I’ve never done before and when I sent a picture of it to my older brother, he actually asked me to create one for him and his girlfriend! I liked Art Funding because you made us look at other people’s business ventures and I hope I have the guts to start one in the future!

My 3 least favorite were remix culture, fiber arts and sculpture. Remix culture was a little bit difficult for me, I felt like I just needed more examples and I would’ve had some more ideas for the project. I didn’t like fiber art because I felt like there was so much more we could do with the yarn, I just didn’t have any ideas on what we could do! Sculpture art was a hard one to do, not because of the actual work for the project but because I live at the dorms with no car. I didn’t have a bucket or a shovel or the plaster so it made it a little more difficult for me to perform the activity that week, which is why I didn’t do it.

Tuesdays in the theater go by really well when you show videos. I love watching them and prefer the videos rolling because it’s something different than lecturing. Activities overall are pretty cool! I enjoyed doing most of them and they didn’t feel like assignments, sometimes they were just fun things to do with friends! I like the idea of a website as well. It keeps the class organized and together!